Artist Desire Moheb-Zandi was born in Berlin in 1990 from a turkish mother and an iranian father. At the age of 6 she moved to Adana,Turkey where she lived most of her childhood. In 2010 she moved in New York to pursue her studies at Parsons School of Design. She graduated in 2013, currently she resides and works in Brooklyn.

Since a young age Desire has always been fascinated by textures and craftsmanship. Her curiosity with textiles started as a kid when she would see her grandmother weaving for hours at their home in Turkey. By weaving with unorthodox materials and techniques, Desire breaks the traditional role of women in society. Using textile art as a symbolic image allows her to examine the role of women in history and dive into matters such as gender and domesticity.  

To draw and express this antagonism in her work, Desire enjoys mixing noble materials such as wool with industrial/found materials like rubber and plastic. It is a way for her to break from traditional textile art techniques and provoke a wide range of emotions to the viewer.